About Us

MacCanna is a proudly South African company brand focused on manufacturing and supplying a wide range of CBD-infused products that are not only affordable, but also offer consumers the results they are looking for, and at prices they can afford. Unfortunately there a some unreliable companies that overcharge for these products and do not regulate their products. It is of vital importance that you source your CBD products from trusted suppliers.

At MacCanna, we do more than just supply CBD products, we support our customers through their journey and ensure they find what is best for them and their symptoms

We are in our infant stage BUT we have big dreams of becoming one of the best online stores for QUALITY CBD PRODUCTS.

Working in the IT corporate industry for over 35 years, was taking it’s toll with the high demands, long hours and over the top STRESS levels. One evening myself and a few colleagues were chatting after work and one of them mentioned that since he had been using a CBD oil he had purchased a month ago, he was sleeping better and that he could handle the stress levels a lot better as well.

Needles to say I was intrigued and purchased some of the CBD oil and started using it as well and I was BLOWN away as to the positive affects and how I found myself coping better with stress and actually sleeping a full 6 hours without waking up!

That’s when the fun started, I got a group of us together and we started doing research over a 12 month period. Researching Cannabis strains, Seeds and CBD oils. Where to buy the best quality seeds and what CBD Oils assist YOU in your daily life. What Medicinal properties certain strains of Cannabis contained as well as what medicinal CBD Oils are used for, and well, the rest is history and MacCanna was born.

We have just scratched the surface with our CBD journey and products (so much more on it’s way) but our Mission is to provide you with Quality CBD PRODUCTS to assist you with your daily needs with top class Customer Service at affordable prices.

If there are any specific CBD Products you are looking for please contact us and we will try our best to source them for YOU!