How To Germinate Seeds

Should Autoflower Seeds be Germinated Differently?

You can germinate your autoflowering seeds in the exact same manner as regular or feminized photoperiod seeds. We have found that our our “water glass and paper towel” method seems to be the most reliable method. However these are other germination methods:

  • planting directly in soil
  • soaking the seeds until they crack open
  • planting in coco and covering with plastic wrap (like a greenhouse!)
  • using specialty germination cubes

Germinating Auto Seeds

Never touch your seeds with your bare hands. We recommend always using gloves, or alternatively if you do not have gloves then wash your hands really well, first.

1. Fill a small (clean) glass about halfway with fresh water. The water can be spring, rain, or distilled, but don’t use it just out of the tap (too many chemicals). Place the glass in a safe location where it’s unlikely to be disturbed. NOTE: No more than 5 seeds per cup.

2. The seeds should be floating on the surface of the water. Leave them here for up to 18 hours. Over time, water should start to seep into the microscopic pores of the shells and weight them down, eventually causing the seeds to sink to the bottom. This is what we want. If, after about 14 hours, all your seeds have not sunk to the bottom, use the back of a spoon to gently tap the still-floating seeds – it’s possible they were just buoyed by surface tension and will sink. If they don’t, you can leave the seeds to continue to soak for another 4 hours. If, after 18 hours of soaking, one or more seeds still will not sink, we recommend carrying on to step three anyway – those seeds have thicker shells, so they may just take a bit longer to sprout.

3. Take a clean glass or plastic plate and cover it with two paper towels. Pour the glass with seeds and all onto the paper towel. The towel will become saturated, and you can carefully drain off any excess liquid. Using the spoon again, gently nudge your seeds so none is closer than 2.5cm to another. Also move them to one half of the paper towel, because you’re going to fold the towel over the seeds.

4. With the paper towel covering the seeds completely, take your plate to a warm, dark spot like a closet or a cupboard you’re not going to open over the next few days). These two qualities, plus moisture from the water, are what your autoflowering cannabis seeds need to germinate.

5. Once or twice a day, carefully check up on your seeds, allowing in minimal light as you do. You’re waiting for a little white taproot to crack open the shell and crawl out, and you want it to be about 1cm in length before you plant your seeds. This could take anywhere from a day up to seven days. Each time you check your seeds, make sure the paper towel is still wet, but not soaking. You don’t want the seeds floating in water for two reasons: they could start to mold, and the taproot won’t have to search at all for sustenance, so it won’t grow as quickly. Mist the paper towel with fresh water when it starts to dry out.

And that is as simple as that !